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Support to the preparation of the EIB’s Ukraine Public sector digital transformation programme loan


Public Administration Reform, Science, Technology & Innovation, Good Governance and Public Administration

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The global objectives of the Study were to support the digital transformation of the Ukrainian Economy, which is fully in line with the objectives of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement in terms of good governance and rule of law, positive contribution to environment and climate change, encourage rights-based approach, support the inclusion of persons with disability and contributes to gender equality. 

The specific objective of the Study was to identify planned and required digital transformation projects among Ukrainian public administrations to be financed by the European Union through the European Investment Bank. Project mission: To create a Digital Transformation Investment Plan within 21 nominated state institutions.

Project activities:

  •        Collection of data on digital transformation initiatives
  •        Collection of data on digital infrastructure
  •        Looked for valuable insights over developments, problems and plans

Data collection and analyses were revealed to be challenging, as the public sector (PS) has shown hesitance or reluctance to participate in the programme. In order to tackle these problems, a seminar with about 35 participants from 16 institutions was organised. Moreover, the team took over the whole communication process from the beneficiary, simultaneously rolling out an information campaign. Later, the IT infrastructure review of several PS institutions was performed. This was followed by factsheet summaries of several PS institutions, which included background information, political framework, organizational framework, management and skills, budgeting, digital transformation enablers, information systems/digital services/infrastructure, and key success factors. Finally, a consolidated investment plan, consisting of detailed planned investment projects, was created.