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Support to the transfer of experiences of FondeAgro to institutions and stakeholders related to the SWAP of PRORURAL


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Orgut Consulting AB has been in charge of executing the Swedish-financed FondeAgro project in Nicaragua since 2001. The objective of the project is to increase income and improve the living conditions of small and medium size coffee and livestock producers in seven municipalities in the Provinces of Matagalpa and Jinotega. This is done through an integrated implementation of various project components: technical assistance in production techniques, individual and group credits, support in development of agri-business in the coffee and milk sectors, support to women in the area of small scale horticulture, etc. (“back-yard economy”).

In 2006, a mid-term evaluation of the project suggested that a systematic in-depth analysis (“sistematización” in Spanish) should be made of the experiences and lessons that have accumulated throughout the project execution, in order to transfer them to other projects and actors. For this purpose, Sida hired CATIE in Costa Rica; however, since it turned out that the job required much more involvement and effort by FondeAgro itself, than what had been foreseen, FondeAgro decided to hire an additional consultant to support CATIE in this exercise.