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Sustainable Coastal Protection and Management Project (TA 4965-IND)


Natural Resource Management, Water Sector Services, Natural Resource Management

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The project aimed to support the preparation of the Sustainable Coastal Protection and Management Project in the states of Goa, Karnataka and Maharashtra through the appraisal and identification of sub-projects for long-, medium- and short-term intervention in each state.

The Project Preparatory Technical Assistance (TA) was worked along two parallel tracks. The first was to identify planning and management strategies for sustainable long-term coastal protection, which would result in the formulation of shoreline management frameworks and action plans for each of the three states. This was being achieved through the identification and qualification of a long list of provisional development proposals. Simultaneously, the TA identified four sub-projects requiring urgent (short- to medium-term) coastal protection and management measures – these four sub-projects covered Mirya Bay, Coco Beach, Colva Beach, and Karnataka Ullal. Each of these sub-projects was examined in depth and a full feasibility study prepared to assess each site in terms of coastal erosion and shoreline management and in terms of environmental and social impacts.