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TA 7936-NEP Preparing the Kathmandu Valley Urban Environment Improvement Project (43524-012)


Water Sector Services, Public Financial Management, Urban Development, Natural Resource Management, Good Governance and Public Administration, Natural Resource Management

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This Project Preparatory Technical Assistance (PPTA) aimed to develop a frame for a waste water management project for Kathmandu Valley. The outcome of the final USD 120 million project was the improved access to efficient and reliable delivery of wastewater services to the residents of Kathmandu Valley including poor women and men, outputs being

1) Rehabilitation and expansion of sewerage network;

2) Modernization, expansion and construction of wastewater treatment plants; and

3) Support for operational and financial improvements and capacity building.

The PPTA carried out due diligence on technical, economic, financial, governance, poverty and social issues as well as safeguards for subprojects under the ensuing loan. The PPTA also suggested the ways to suitably coordinate with relevant other ongoing and proposed projects. The PPTA evaluated the present situation and determined the feasibility of the proposed investments and suggested alternative solutions. It also included an institutional capacity strengthening program.

The outputs were:

  • the development of technical inputs for sewerage network and treatment plants;
  • designs for sewerage subprojects;
  • technological solutions for Kathmandu Valley wastewater treatment plants;
  • financial assessment and economic and financial analyses of projects;
  • detailed cost estimates and financing plans for subprojects;
  • capacity assessment of relevant organizations;
  • capacity strengthening programs;
  • due diligence of social safeguards;
  • environmental safeguards – support to the integration of environmental considerations in decision-making process; 
  • advance actions for enhancing procurement readiness; and
  • methods to institutionalize the use of GIS in wastewater operations.