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Tax Administration Reform Strategy and Implementation


Public Administration Reform, Public Financial Management, Good Governance and Public Administration

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SIPU International supported the GDNT in the development of a comprehensive reform of its strategy, policies, processes, and service culture, culminated in a successful trial of the new processes, policies and systems in two pilot units of the tax administration, and all of the necessary supporting activities (including the underlying IT architecture, IT strategy and technical specification required for implementing the new information system, support and consultation on preparation of related bidding document).

Specific Activities Included:

  • Reviewed and strengthened organizational design of Mongolian Tax Administration (MTA); 
  • Good governance and disclosure review; 
  • Developed the GDNT corporate strategic plan and operational plan;
  • Strengthened HR policy and strategy development;
  • Strengthened capacity of the Pilot Units, State Budget Revenue and Inspection Unit (Large Taxpayer Unit) and Khan-Uul district tax office and Taxpayer Service;
  • Improved workflow processes and specific operational processes with special attention to introduction and implementation of a functioning risk management system;  
  • Developed an IT strategy and implementation plan;
  • Specified the software/hardware and network optimal solutions required for implementing the new Information System.