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Technical Assistance and supervision of Diyarbakir Water and Wastewater Project EuropeAid/129990/D/SER/TR


Water Sector Services, Natural Resource Management, Urban Development, Good Governance and Public Administration, Natural Resource Management

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The Consultant supported in:

–                         Establishing efficient Project Management Systems and project co-ordination and consultation mechanism; Submit TA and capacity building advice to DISKI and PIU in organizational development and project management and in technical assistance and in operation and maintenance as in GIS training, mapping of existing water and wastewater systems, hydraulic modeling, leak detection and NRW program, SCADA systems, water resources protection, sludge and management;

–                         Reviewing and updating studies, reports and designs and prepare conceptual designs for water catchment collection and SCADA systems for Gözeli water systems;

–                         Ensuring that the Contractor’s design in accordance to FIDIC Yellow Book for rehabilitation of the WWTP is technically sound and compliant with national regulations and standards;

–                         Preparing full tender dossiers of the Works and Supply contracts for the water catchment collection and delivery network and development of the SCADA system for Gözeli;

–                         Creating systems and processes for the proper supervision of the Works Contracts and associated supply contracts and supervise the works in accordance with FIDIC and EC PRAG conditions of contract, EC/IPA regulations and Turkish regulations;

–                         Ensure full compliance by the contractors with good Quality and Quantity;

–                         Ensure proper financial management and construction implementation of the Works Contracts;

–                         Ensure the completion of the Works Contracts in a professional manner, according to the contract and Employer’s requirements so that the Contracts are finished in highest quality by monitoring the contracts in Defects Notification Period.

–                         The Works Contract 1: the design capacity of WWTP is for PE 860,000; the process is activated sludge process with primary clarifiers, biological nitrification/de-nitrification units and biological and chemical phosphorus removal and anaerobic stabilization of sludge in digesters: The contract is based on FIDIC Yellow Book;

–                         The Works Contract 2: design of 42 km of sewer collectors with diam. from 400 mm to 1,200 mm and 9 km discharge line with diam. form 1,400 mm to 1,600 mm, PS1 pumping station for 40 l/s and the rising main 204 m with 200 mm diam. The Contract is based on FIDIC Red Book;

–                         The Works Contract 3: rehabilitation of Gözeli Water Catchment and Development of the existing SCDA system: design and supervision of works contracts of rehabilitation of 1,115 km of 200 mm diam. pipelines, cleaning and unplugging of 18 wells, replacement of 18 well pumps and rehabilitation of mechanical and electrical equipment of the wells, rehabilitation of rising main from diam. of 150 mm to 600 mm, replacement of 380 m of 600 mm collector with 800 mm pipe, construction of 9 well head structures with transformers and replacement of 9 well transformers, replacement of 11 km of 1,000 mm diam. pre-stressed concrete transmission main with 1,000 mm steel pipeline, replacement of from 300 mm to 500 mm diam. asbestos cement pipelines with 1,400 mm diam. pipeline, installation of chlorination unit to two reservoirs and rehabilitation of existing creek Gözeli catchment 2.25 km of 2m x 1.5 m concrete channel;

Total value of works 25,7 million euro