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Technical Assistance for Capacity Development Support to the Road Sector in Mozambique


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The aim of the project is to strengthen the planning and implementation capacity of the road sector entities: ANE (National Road Administration), FE (Road Fund) and MOPH (Ministry of Public Works and Housing) and other decentralised departments. The overall objective is to enable the road infrastructure sector to contribute to improved conditions for national economic growth and equitable poverty reduction, by enhancing road infrastructure, in line with the PARP 2011-2014 (Poverty Eradication Plan) and aligned with the vision of Agenda 2025 of Mozambique. The project supports, in line with PRISE (Programa Integrado Sector Estradas), the establishment of an appropriate, well managed, cost-effective and sustainable road network in Mozambique that will enhance accessibility to markets and social services for the country's population.


Support and advice covers four main thematic areas:

1)     Develop a result-based and quality management structure within road entities.

2)     Introduce financial and contractual management tools that are maintained in line with PAO 2012-2014 (Plano de Acção e Orçamento) and of the PFM vision 2010-2015.

3)     Introduce multidimensional assessment and decision making processes on road infrastructure with a perspective of live cycle management of road assets;

4)     Provide ad hoc short term advice related to implementation of the PRISE program.


Prepare training plans and appropriate training responses (incl. monitoring of capacity building support and respond to ad hoc requests for assistance):

  •         Carry out Training Needs Assessments (TNA);
  •         Provide structural advice on knowledge management and internal/external communication;
  •         Support the restructuring of ANE with a results based management (including recruitment, human resource development and operational processes);
  •         Match the financial systems between ANE and Road Fund;
  •         Ensure that road safety measures are built into road designs;
  •         Support the development of environmental/social impact mitigation plans, HIV/AIDS awareness programmes, and gender and employment policies;
  •         Assist the MOPH in drafting policies, regulations and legislations;
  •         Support data collection and analysis of key performance indicators of the PRISE;
  •         Develop appropriate systems for technical and financial planning of road works;
  •         Provide on-the-job training for staff in the use of new computer-based technologies (e.g. GIS);
  •         Strengthen staff capacity to prepare Terms of Reference for feasibility and detailed design studies, construction and maintenance supervision consultancies;
  •         Provide support to prepare Requests for Proposals for consultancy contracts, invitations to pre-qualify for works contracts, and invitations to tender;
  •         Develop capacity to deal with disputes and claims;
  •         Provide capacity development to review physical and financial progress of projects and monitoring the work of the supervision consultants and contractors;
  •         Develop communication and visibility strategy/plan.