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Technical Assistance for support to Community-Based Natural Resource Management and Promotion of Best Practices


Natural Resource Management, Gender Equality, Land Administration, Market Development, Water Sector Services, Environment and Climate Change, Employment, Local Government and Decentralisation, Forestry, Natural Resource Management, Good Governance and Public Administration

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The Association of Local Authorities of Tanzania (ALAT) is a membership association. ALAT’s 165 members comprise all urban and district councils in Tanzania mainland. The association’s objectives are to: Foster and promote smooth Local Government development in Tanzania; Maintain and further the interests, rights and values of Local Authorities in the country; and Represent Local Authorities views at national and international level.

Sida provides funding to ALAT for support to the institutional development of the organisation as well as a specific institutional support project. This project supports specifically community-based natural resource management institutions and promotes best practices and facilitates the implementation of the Decentralisation by Devolution policy, as they explore self-sustaining and self-governing ways of service delivery.

The specific objective of this project was to strengthen the institutional capacity of ALAT through the provision of support for institutional development and community based natural resource management and promotion of best practices. ALAT contracted ORGUT to provide technical assistance for supporting community-based natural resource management and promotion of best practices for a four year period.