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Technical Assistance for the implementation of the Institutional Capacity Development Programme in support to the Ministry of Finance and Office of the Auditor General


Public Financial Management, Good Governance and Public Administration

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PC&A is currently implementing a project in Namibia aimed at strengthening capacities within the Ministry of Finance and the Office of the Auditor General as regards revenue, and expenditure and control management functions in order to ensure the quality of expenditure and strive for value for money, improved accounting and financial reporting, enhanced expenditure control and further improve transparency and accountability.
In order to achieve the aim of the project, the provided technical assistance will support Directorates and departments’ capacity strengthening around drafting of legislation, the development and implementation of systems, procedures management tools and processes.

Three results are to be achieved by the project which will be measured by indicators as stated below:

  • Result 1: Effectiveness of macro-economic, budget and public expenditure analysis is raised
    • Quality and accuracy of the fiscal and macro-economic framework has improved.
    • Budget reviews foster more strategic budget allocations.
  • Result 2: Revenue management functions are strengthened
    • Performance in targeted Directorates increased
    • Non-tax revenue increased
    • Revised procedures and policies are approved and implemented
  • Result 3: Control management functions within MoF and the OAG are strengthened
    • Institutional effectiveness in public service delivery increased
    • Fewer qualified audits
    • Quality of audit reports has improved
    • Fraud is reduced
    • Internal audit functions are less dependent on external auditors