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Technical Assistance to Support Moldova First Cadastral Project at the Agency of Land Relations and Cadastre of Republic of Moldova 2006-2009


Land Administration, Natural Resource Management

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The Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (EGPRSP) of the Government of Moldova defines the following key medium term objectives in the area of improving of land tenure security: Improving the unified system of property registration; Finalizing the process of land privatisation to facilitate the development of the real estate market; Implementing the new system of mass appraisal for taxation; Assuring financial and institutional sustainability of national cadastre. The overall development objectives are based on the goals established in the Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (EGPRSP) of Moldova and has been formulated as follows: 1) Contribute to poverty alleviation through economic growth facilitated by increased land tenure security 2) Contribute to increased government revenue through a functioning property valuation and taxation system 3) Facilitate real property market development 4) Assist with the effective delivery of basic public services, in particular for the most vulnerable groups of the population.

Based on the above presented overall development goals the main project objective is “Establishment of a transparent, efficient and effective cadastral system, which provides cadastral and registration services at the affordable cost for all users” This objective is achieved through: 1) Institutional strengthening of the cadastral system and assuring of its financial and institutional sustainability 2) Human capacity building and improvement of public access to cadastral data and information 3) Contribution to a fiscal cadastre development through assistance in the implementing of the new system for property mass valuation and appraisal 4) Improving the quality, reliability and confidence of cadastral system and facilitation the property transactions.

Moldova is not EU candidate country at present and has set accession to the EU as strategic goal. The project main objective and establishment of an efficient cadastral system is an important element of the functioning market economy, assuring the rule of law, land tenure security and human rights protection, which are EU accession criteria. Thus, the project will contribute to the GOM strategic goal through building the preconditions for EU accession.