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Technical Support to Sida in Land related issues


Land Administration, Natural Resource Management

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Sida has over the years provided support to a large number of land-related interventions, either as stand-alone projects or as components embedded in other larger programmes. A recent mapping study identified more than a hundred interventions initiated during the last ten years, referring to both urban and rural land issues, of which 73 were included in the review. Besides Sida’s support to land related interventions, Sida is also working with land tenure on a global policy level. Recent developments shows that there is an increasing demand for land for agricultural and bio-fuel investment. Sida has, in different ways, responded to the trends in land related investments in developing countries. On a policy level, Sida is a member of the EU Working Group on Land Tenure. The group was initiated in 2008 as a response to the increasing focus on land related investments and with the aim to share experiences among the EU countries as well as to support a joint EU position on land related investments.

ORGUT provide technical support to Sida the preparation and negotiation of the Voluntary Guidelines on Responsible Governance on land tenure as well as for Sida’s participation in the EU working group on land issues.