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The Preparation of Development Plan for Machaze Wildlife Area of Wildlife Department at Chimoio Agricultural Institute IAC, Mozambique


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During the consultancy, strategies for long-term networking with external organizations will be proposed. It is well understood by IAC that the establishment, development and sustainability of the Machaze Area are depending on technical cooperation with international and national organizations within the wildlife conservation sector. Further, a preliminary wildlife management plan will be developed during the consultancy having information collected from previous assessment as background data. The consultancy is also expected to give important input on design, construction, maintenance and financial issues related to the establishment of a wildlife training camp.

Issues to be studied:

1. What kind of cooperation is essential for the Wildlife Department, looking at:
• National and international organizations within wildlife conservation
• National and international organizations within wildlife education and training
• Possibilities for cooperation with ethical safari operators

2. Recommendations for the establishment of a Wildlife Management Plan for the Machaze Wildlife area, looking at:
• The proposed area as being an important part of, in particular elephant migration zone.
• The existing wildlife populations, as described in wildlife assessment report, giving priorities to certain management actions.
• Proposals for annual off-take based on sustainable and ethical principles
• Financial implications and considerations
• The proposed area in relation with local communities needs, rights and expectations

3. Recommendations for the establishment of a Wildlife Management Camp, looking at:
• Technical aspects; kind of tents, water and energy supply, etc
• Financial aspects; cost efficiency, maintenance, repair and reinvestment costs, etc
• Design aspects; attractiveness, use of local material, etc
• Social aspects; staff-students-clients, relationship with local communities, etc