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Training Mongolian Managers in Leadership


Local Government and Decentralisation, Public Administration Reform, Good Governance and Public Administration

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The overall objective of the project was to contribute to the development of Mongolian civil service through building the leadership-capacity of managers in the public sector. The purpose was to help managers to become leaders that are results-oriented in order to meet the needs of citizens. This also means that the leaders need to be flexible in responding to changing circumstances, pro-active, capable and outcome-oriented. The chosen method was to develop a comprehensive leadership programme with a results-oriented focus, train local trainers as well as to arrange and support broad-scale training of public sector managers in Mongolia.

The target was to train approximately 3000 public sector managers in the Training Programme. This target was also achieved by the end of the project period. A concrete result of the project is that the Public Service Bureau in Mongolia now has the capacity to continue training of managers in the civil service. A network of chief trainers has been established that continue to train local trainers.

The training program was nine (4+3+2) days with practical work-related fieldwork assignments in between. Among other, the topics covered in the training were the following: Basics of management and leadership, Time management, Team-building, Conflict Management, Gender and leadership and Motivational leadership.

In addition, Performance management was included as a specific component in the programme with a focus on risk awareness of negative side-effects in performance management systems, if not designed and implemented wisely. To be effective in achieving results all management and leadership systems need to support the orientation towards results and service delivery to citizens.

Certified Mongolian trainers carried out the training in pairs of two with the support of SIPU International and a project office in Ulaanbaatar. The main text book Knowing Myself and My Colleagues has been printed in an edition of over 3300.