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Training Needs Analysis for Water Sector Boards


Monitoring and Evaluation, Local Government and Decentralisation, Water Sector Services, Good Governance and Public Administration, Natural Resource Management

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Kenya Water Sector Programme (KWSP) was launched in June 2005 in support of sector reform. The Kenya water sector is under radical reform that is driven by its national policy on water resources management and development and its strategies on water resources management and water services. The most important new institutions in the Water Sector are the Water Services Regulatory Board (WSRB), Water Resources Management Authority (WRMA), Water Services Trust Fund (WSTF), Water Appeal Board (WAB) and the Water Service Boards (WSBs).

The training needs assessment (TNA) was commissioned by the KWSP in order to determine training needs of the staff of principal implementers of the programme namely the staff of the Water Service Boards (WSB). The main objectives of the assignment was to identify the prevailing training gaps in the WSBs, propose the training required in order to bridge the gaps, build capacity for the programme management, and improve the overall staff performance. The process of de-regionalization affected certain WSB positions whose job descriptions were rendered irrelevant. Other employees were working with incomplete descriptions and/or did not have their capacity assessed for the duties assigned. Therefore the need for re-formulation and description of positions once the new organization structure was formally established.