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Water Resources Information Management Systems


Water Sector Services, Natural Resource Management

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In 2005 the proposal for a Water Resources Information Management System (WRIMS) at WRMA was outlined. Apart from the permit database, which has been developed by a local company, the MIKE BASIN / TAE package forms the majority of the WRIMS at WRMA. The system has been installed at the WRMA HQ as well as in all the six regions. The package is comprehensive and the purpose of the assignment consists of the following core elements:

1. Temporal Analyst Enterprise (TAE): This is a time series database which stores all the time series data at WRMA in a relational database (MS SQL Server)

2. ArcGIS: GIS system which is the User Interface for all components

3. Temporal Analyst: A hydrological analysis tool for processing, analysis and presentation / plotting of time series data

4. NAM: A rainfall-runoff model, which can be used for estimation of runoff from ungauged catchments, gap-filling, etc.)

5. MIKE BASIN: River basin / Water allocation model to be used for planning and management of water resources.