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Yenipazar Minerals Project – Land Access and Resettlement Support


Environment and Climate Change, Land Administration, Natural Resource Management

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In this project, ORGUT’s role was to ensure adherence to the IFC’s Policy and Performance Standards on Social and Environmental Sustainability and international best practice. ORGUT ensured compliance with industry’s Equator Principles. A Social Scan and Scoping Visit for Aldridge Minerals' Yenipazar Project was carried out to determine the social impacts of Aldridge’s current and planned activities and related key issues, challenges, risks and opportunities. The current status of social plans, programmes and procedures was assessed and recommendations developed on what further work needs to be done and steps that should be undertaken to understand and address Project social impacts.
The proposed mine development involves the construction of an open pit mine, a waste rock dump (“WRD”), a processing plant and a tailings management facility (“TMF”) together with the construction of a supporting road infrastructure and various mine-related utilities.