Good Governance and Civil Society

FCG supports government institutions in delivering for citizens. Public institutions are the key to unlocking social and economic development. Yet in many countries there has been little investment in the people and systems on which good governance depends.

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Open, effective, inclusive, and accountable public institutions are the key to unlocking sustainable social and economic development. Sustainable change stems from building the capacity of public institutions to better respond to public needs. Not only must state functions (such as public finance or public procurement systems) be strengthened, but so too must citizens be empowered to enjoy their civil and human rights. Recent global events, including the pandemic, have highlighted weaknesses and insufficiencies in public systems and organisational bodies, while also emphasising the resilience of more effective, responsive and inclusive institutions.

FCG is one of leading Nordic consultants in the area of capacity building and institutional development in transitional and developing countries. We have many years of experience in supporting public sector reforms to strengthen policies and improve the delivery of public services. This has included topics such as decentralisation, taxation, capacity building and legal reforms. FCG implements projects aimed at fostering public sector reform, strengthening civil society and aiding democratisation processes. Our clients and projects display FCG’s capacity to take a holistic approach and work with a vast number of different actors at all levels of public and civil society – be it with governments, major state institutions, independent institutions, key civil society actors, the private sector or grassroots organisations.

Our roots in Sweden and Finland give us a unique perspective on public sector reforms. These countries enjoy a high degree of transparency, equality, decentralisation and high-quality public services.

Our good governance and public administration service areas include: 

  • Public administration capacity development
  • Policy reviews and improvement recommendations
  • Implementation of new legislation
  • Budget and value-for-money analysis
  • Civil servant training
  • Audit organisation support
  • Public Financial Management (PFM) reforms, including rollouts of Financial Management Information Systems (FMIS)
  • Statistical systems
  • Risk management and anti-corruption and transparency measures
  • E-government and public service delivery reforms

Our work in public administration reform is complemented by our extensive experience in developing the capacity of Civil Society actors in Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia, and Latin America. We work collaboratively with a wide range of organisations and stakeholders to strengthen the capacity of civil society organisations (CSOs), enabling them to influence political decision-making processes and demand accountability from governments. FCG has strong expertise in working with hard-to-reach and marginalised groups.

Our Civil Society service areas include:

  • Helping CSOs become more visible and improving their access to information
  • Providing networking opportunities so that CSOs can maximise their voice
  • Strengthening partners’ institutional and financial capacity
  • Organising workshops, seminars and training on developing project proposals, accessing grants and mobilising sustainable funding sources
  • Creating enabling legal and institutional frameworks for CSOs and strengthening their involvement in democratic processes
  • Enabling efficient, transparent and sustainable funding for CSOs
  • Evaluations of CSOs for donors

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Nathan Teitgen
Business Area Coordinator: Good Governance + Project Manager
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Senior Project Manager
Pontus Förberg
Pontus Förberg
Senior Project Manager/ Consultant Good Governance