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FCG assists SMEs and governments in transition in seizing opportunities offered by integrated world economy by providing them access to foreign capital, new markets, value chain development and increased trade.

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The adoption of a market economy combined with increased international economic integration have created regional winners and losers in most transitioning and developing countries. Inefficient financial markets resulting in a lack of availability of equity and credits affects primarily SMEs, as well as micro enterprises. Institutionalised support aimed at assisting SMEs and industrial clusters in developing and adapting to the changing world markets is crucial. At the policy-level governments and institutions require support in designing and implementing the conditions leading to a competitive private sector.

FCG assists SMEs and governments in transition in seizing opportunities offered by an integrated world economy by providing them access to foreign capital, new markets, value chain development and increased trade.

Our projects aim to strengthen inclusive market systems and provide a series of tailored services in SME business support, innovation and start-up support, SME finance institutions development, privatisation and regulatory advice, business restructuring and promotion, trade, investment and export promotion, IPR, and regulatory policy reform. 

SME Finance Institutions & Schemes

  • Set-up and management of credit units
  • Project identification, evaluation and implementation of direct investments in SMEs for development banks
  • Selection of financial intermediaries for the management of SME credit schemes
  • Technical assistance to banks in transition and developing countries
  • Preparation of procedures and manuals for loan funds
  • Design and implementation of training programmes for financial intermediaries

SME Support & Development Institutions

  • Policy advice in the areas of SME development and industrial policy
  • Creation and institutional strengthening of private sector support institutions, e.g. chambers of commerce, industry associations, business support centres, etc.
  • Development of management consulting clusters and associations
  • Achievement of financial self-sustainability of business centres
  • Development and implementation of training programmes for the creation of micro enterprises
  • Assistance in regional development by creation of adapted infrastructures and improvement of factor conditions
  • Project cycle management, e.g. project formulation, monitoring & evaluation

Privatisation & Regulatory Advice

  • Development of privatisation methods such as public subscription of shares, public auction, public tender, direct negotiations, transfer of the state or municipal control in an enterprise to private investors, lease with the option to purchase
  • Assistance to State Property Funds or similar organisations to privatise state-owned property
  • Improvement of technical skills, through on-the-job and workshop-based training of the staff responsible for privatisation
  • Assistance to bankruptcy and liquidation agencies and processes
  • Provision of legal support and training in drafting and finalising privatisation transaction documents (e.g. contract of sales)
  • Support and training in public advertising to market the sale of state enterprises internationally
  • Valuations and company diagnoses with actual and potential competitive position for the company and per Strategic Business Unit in the world competitive game
  • Development of various forms of Private Sector Participation and Public Private Partnerships (PPPs), such as BOO, BOT, concessions, etc.
  • Design of regulation and legal advice
  • Regulatory impact assessments
  • Training and other forms of capacity building

Trade, Investment & Export Promotion

  • Design and implementation of investment promotion programmes
  • Profiles for investment projects and promotion to potential Western European and US business partners
  • Policy advice in investment promotion and export development
  • Realisation of export promotion programmes, including trade fair representation, for companies, sectors and countries, achieving significant and quantifiable increases in export earnings. In one project the 200 participating Polish companies saw their export performance improve by USD 100 M within a twelve-month period

Business Restructuring and Promotion – Direct Support to Companies

  • Corporate Strategy Decision Support and Restructuring
  • Internal Implementation and Business Upgrading
  • External Implementation of Corporate Strategies

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