FCG Sweden

FCG Sweden

FCG Sweden is a leading European development partner with many years’ experience of delivering high-quality outputs. We specialise in public sector reform, natural resource management, civil society strengthening, market development, and monitoring and evaluation.

Using our wide-ranging expertise, we are committed to working closely with clients, partners and development specialists to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions to development challenges facing our world today.

We are at the cutting edge of development innovation and provide evidence-based expertise to deliver maximum impact.

We will work with you to build solutions that are:

Inclusive – ensuring that the voices of the most marginalised and disadvantaged people are heard.  
Participatory – engaging all stakeholders in decision-making processes to maximise impact and strengthen democratisation.  
Sustainable – building resilience to help people steer the direction of social, economic and environmental change.

When more people participate in social, economic and political processes, institutions grow stronger, economies become healthier, societies become more inclusive and resilient, and conflicts can be prevented. We use our expertise to help deliver change, on the ground, across a wide range of sectors that make a real difference to people’s everyday lives.

FCG Sweden our work
Our work

Our core competences lie in civil society development, good governance and public administration, water and natural resources management, market development, monitoring and evaluation, training programmes, and fund management.

FCG Sweden Working with us
Working with us

If you have the expertise we need, and you want to work with a consultant group that commits to you as much as you commit to your work, please get in touch with us and check back for job openings.


FCG Sweden Our Team
Our team

Drawing from our 40 years’ experience in international development, we are committed to ensuring that all our services are based on evidence and best practice, and adapted to local circumstances.

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