Improving flood forecasting and warning systems in Tajikistan

FCG has been supporting the modernisation and development of the hydrometeorological services in Tajikistan since June 2019 through the Water Resources Management in the Pyanj River Basin Project, supporting the Agency for hydrometeorology of Tajikistan in the efficient and timely implementation of the four key project components:

  1. Modernization of the Hydromet operations centre;
  2. Legal and organizational transformation;
  3. Forecasting and warning of extreme weather and
  4. Marketing of fee-based services

FCG has developed a modern flood forecasting system for the Agency for Hydrometeorology which has been installed and is being taken into use first for two pilot regions Khatlon and Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region (GBAO). The system will improve Tajikistan’s flood forecasting and local flood warning capabilities to support improved water management and reduce disaster risk in the Pyanj River Basin. The system can help in preventing disasters caused by floods through improved warnings and improved understanding regarding the floods.

Strengthening the capacity and awareness is a key element of the project. The practical operationalization of the flood forecast and warning system includes awareness-raising and familiarization. This improves the quality of flood forecasting and the preparedness of the population for emergencies.

FCG facilitated training workshops in Khatlon region in Bokhtar from 13 to 15 July 2022 with 195 participants including 89 women and in GBAO region in Khorog from 20 to 26 August 2022 with 78 participants including 27 women. These training workshops have been organized to increase the local authorities’ understanding and involvement in the flood forecasting and preparedness and ensure that they can further disseminate the information to the local populations in the regions.

The participants and the presenters of the GBAO workshop are standing on the stairs in front of a building.
Participants and presenters of the GBAO workshop

Participants learned about the flood forecasting and warning system developed by the FCG team. The participants discussed also the broader Hydromet services and the importance of involvement of women in the implementation of the project through awareness of flood situations. The ultimate goal of the workshops and other awareness raising activities is that all the local stakeholders, as well as the larger public, become familiar with flood forecasting and warning system and increase their knowledge and preparedness for natural disasters.

The project is financed by Asian Development Bank (ADB) and Green Climate Fund (GCF). FCG provides the Project Implementation Consultancy services in collaboration with the Finnish Meteorological Institute and ARPA Consulting.