Times of change for FCG New Zealand – new managing director and exciting new projects

FCG New Zealand is pleased to announce the appointment of Mark Ryan as Managing Director, effective from the 1st of June 2022. Mark takes over from Samuli Leminen who, during his three years as Managing Director successfully contributed to company growth despite the particularly challenging global environment.

During his time, Samuli managed to grow our project portfolio across the Asia-Pacific region, building on the company’s five decades of experience and expertise across agriculture, natural resources management and environmental and social sustainability sectors. FCG New Zealand is grateful for everything that Samuli achieved during his time with the company and looks forward to continuing the collaboration with Samuli in his new role with FCG Finland. 

Against this background, Mark is delighted to be joining the team in Auckland and is looking forward to building on the successful efforts of Samuli. He brings to the company relevant qualifications, experience and ultimately a passion that fits with the core sectors of activities of FCG. Mark holds a Bachelors in Agri-Environmental Science, and a Masters in Environmental Science, Policy and Management. He has close to a decade of experience in the field of international wildlife conservation, including advocating for community based natural resources management programmes that benefit people and nature. He also previously worked for FCG New Zealand from 2014 – 2018, focusing on business development activities during that time.

In 2022, FCG New Zealand has strengthened its project portfolio in particular in the Pacific Region, and the team has hired some new talent to support these new projects and company growth. The team has also built expertise on new sectors and explored more partnership opportunities across the sectors of Agriculture, Natural Resources Management and Climate Change. Mark’s goal is to further strengthen and diversify FCG New Zealand’s sectoral expertise and continue developing processes to ensure high-quality project delivery for our clients.

Mark is looking to the future with excitement: “Going forward, I’m looking to harness and contribute to FCG’s skills, expertise and energy for the benefit of people and the environment.” For him, international development work can only truly succeed with the necessary buy-in and commitment from people, both in-the-field and in-the-office. “This is true for any project in the Asia-Pacific region, the core geographical focus of FCG, and indeed anywhere else in the world.”

Mark Ryan
Mark Ryan
Country Manager