Dismantling or Refurbishing the Power Plant

Dismantling or Refurbishing a Renewable Energy Facility


Any wind or solar power farm will eventually reach the end of its technical life, at which point dismantling or refurbishment will become necessary. Our experts will help you identify and implement your options.

Refurbishing wind or solar power farms when they reach the end of their useful life may be viable

The lifetime of a renewable energy power plant is about 25–30 years. When a wind or solar power farm reaches the end of its life cycle and is to be decommissioned, it is dismantled and the parts are recycled. 

However, this does not mean that the entire area must be deprived of its energy-producing role – quite the opposite. As the site has already been identified as suitable for a renewable energy power plant and heavy investments have been made in its infrastructure during the construction and lifetime of the facility, it may be feasible to build a new wind/solar farm with modern equipment on the site. In this case, the necessary permits will have to be reapplied for and the foundations will have to be rebuilt, but the existing electricity network, for example, can be used.

The best renewable energy expertise in the country to support your project

We are one of Finland’s leading consultants in the field of renewable energy. We provide all services related to renewable energy projects under one roof, including dismantling or refurbishment of wind/solar farms. We help you assess the technical condition of an existing power plant and devise an economically and technically sound approach towards the end of the energy farm’s life cycle. 

FCG’s multidisciplinary approach means that as a client you can rely on getting the best possible service from a single source, even when your project requires professionals from several different fields. 

In addition to our renewable energy experts, we can also call on experts in areas such as construction, environmental impact and urban planning to help with the dismantling or refurbishment of wind/solar farms.

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