Project Construction Phase

Project Construction Phase

Excavators working at construction site, top view

When it comes to a major investment, the success of the construction phase is particularly important. High-quality engineering is the key to a profitable investment. Competent project management and site supervision reduce risks and increase construction safety. 

Comprehensive construction services for renewable energy projects

In challenging construction projects, management should be in the hands of an experienced professional. Our experts have solid technical expertise, extensive partner networks and the courage to take bold decisions when needed. We find the best technical and commercial solutions for our clients’ projects and ensure that the end result meets the client’s requirements.

Our construction phase services cover all relevant aspects:

  • EPCm services
    • Planning guidance
    • Procurement services
    • Construction consultancy (OE)
    • Project management services
    • Site supervision
    • Acceptance inspections
  • Due diligence 
  • Foundation design
    • Third-party audits
  • Infrastructure design
  • Construction supervision (foundations, infrastructure, electricity, lifting, WTG)
  • Extended turbine delivery supervision
  • Acceptance inspections 
  • Occupational safety coordination
  • Development (TA/Bank report/OE)

High-quality and safe construction through solid experience

Our strength in renewable energy projects is our deep understanding of how power plants work. We have experience in construction, commissioning and maintenance from both the client’s and contractor’s perspective.  In the industrial sector, companies specialising in manufacturing, energy production, transmission and distribution find us a reliable partner to help them in their investments and operations development. Our key people have long experience in plant commissioning, site management and project management, so the risks of construction projects are kept under control.

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Jari Lappalainen
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