Project Development

A productive renewable energy project is the result of careful, professional and comprehensive preparation

A productive renewable energy project is the result of careful, professional and comprehensive preparation. We have been an expert partner in dozens of solar and wind power projects, and we also have experience in hybrid power farms combining the two. We will make sure that your important investment has a solid foundation.

All project development experts under one roof

Thanks to FCG’s multidisciplinary team of experts, we are in the best position in the country to ensure that your renewable energy project is on the right track right from the start and that technical, economic and ecological aspects are taken into account in the preparation. The construction phase of a wind farm is preceded by a number of assessment processes required by the authorities. We can provide you with the regulatory assessments and procedures to get your project ready for construction.

During the project development phase, realistic timeframes are established and potential risks at the different interfaces are identified. With careful preliminary planning and assessments, it is easier to identify different options and make decisions based on a real understanding of their impacts.

Our service portfolio covers all important aspects of project development:

  • EIA process
  • Zoning
  • Due diligence
  • Legal support
  • Preliminary technical design
    • Layout design
    • Infrastructure design
      • Building site specifications
      • Road design
      • Design of lifting areas
      • Geodesy
    • EMV process (Energy Authority)
    • Electrical network design
    • Preliminary design of the interconnector
    • Permit process

The consultation package is defined according to the specific needs of each project.

The investment planning phase is the best opportunity to achieve cost savings and ensure safety

The early stages of wind and solar projects are very important in terms of return on investment. It is difficult to make cost-saving changes at a later stage of project implementation. Investing in project development brings benefits throughout the project lifecycle.

Renewable energy projects typically also have an impact on the surrounding built and natural environment. Partnering with us ensures that all relevant aspects are taken into account in a timely manner, the future power plant is safe and your important project is given a solid foundation.

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Jari Lappalainen
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