Kicking off our sustainable public procurement programme in Tanzania and Zambia

In April 2022, FCG and Crown Agents commenced our Sida-funded Sustainable Public Procurement (SPP) programme in Tanzania and Zambia through the delivery of the first of a series of workshops.

With the imminent target of Agenda 2030, governments and organisations around the world are striving to find new and innovative ways of reaching their Sustainable Development Goals. This has led to a surge in interest in Sustainable Public Procurement (SPP) as a means of ensuring that procurement policies and practices generate benefits not only for the organisations involved, but also for the environment, society and the economy. The joint venture between FCG Sweden and Crown Agents aims to deliver a global capacity development programme to enable stakeholders to work together to accelerate sustainable procurement practices globally.

As the first introductory step of the programme, we are implementing a series of workshops, intended to enthuse participants and give them a solid grounding in SPP principles. Through group analysis of SPP development objectives we are able to engage the change teams involved, raise the profile of SPP on organizational agendas and motivate teams to start working on their strategy for greater use of SPP. 

Our first training sessions have set our programme off to a promising start. 20 delegates from Tanzania and 22 from Zambia participated in various activities, networking, discussing and learning from our mentors and each other.

I personally learnt a lot and hope to be a part of the disseminators of such valuable knowledge to all sectors of society. I look forward to putting into practice that which I have learnt.”

– Angelah Musonda MBA, BA (Hon) BPSM, MCIPS, MZIPS, Trainer for the National Institute of Public Administration, Zambia

Over the next 18 months, the programme will continue to deliver similar training sessions with these change teams to understand the challenges facing partner organisations and to provide the information and training needed to help develop and improve their SPP strategies.