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Technical Assistance for Increasing School Attendance rates Especially for Girls (IAREFG)

The overall project objective is to enhance investment in human capital by increasing the quality of education, improving the linkage between education and the labour market and raising attendance rates at all levels of education, especially for girls. The project purpose is to contribute to increasing attendance rates at all levels of education but particularly for girls in secondary education (especially vocational education and training) and to bring students especially girls who are out of the education system back to education.

Project details

Name of client Ministry of National Education, MoNE
Location Turkey / : Muş, Ağrı, Şanlıurfa, Bitlis, Şırnak, Van, Siirt, Mardin, Bingöl, Diyarbakır, Batman, Kars, Hakkari, Erzurum, Iğdır / Ankara
Start date 03/2015
Completion date 05/2017
Origin of funding European Commission
Name of partners Hifab Interntaional Ab (lead), FCG Sipu International Ab, ÖSB Consulting GmbH, GDSI Ltd, Ankon Consulting